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Travelling by helicopter for business offers a multitude of benefits that make it the ideal choice for you. With the flexibility to land directly at your desired destination, you can save precious time and arrive swiftly, ensuring maximum convenience and productivity. Add a touch of luxury and enjoyment to your business travels with Helicopter Greece.


Travelling by helicopter presents an extraordinary way to explore the world and indulge in unforgettable experiences. With the ability to access remote and inaccessible destinations, flying by helicopter allows you to discover the hidden gems, the breathtaking landscapes, and the stunning natural wonders of Greece that are often inaccessible by other means of transportation.


The flexibility of our helicopters enables seamless navigation between attractions, ensuring maximum coverage in a shorter span of time. With the freedom to hover and maneuver easily, you can capture stunning photographs and create lasting memories. Request a quote now and get to explore Greece in the most unique and memorable way!

Hiring a Helicopter for your Wedding transport

Achieve your fairytale wedding with a private charter helicopter flight to the location of your dreams! 
Want to make a statement at your wedding? Then arriving at your wedding reception in a helicopter is without a doubt the way to do so!

Air Ambulance

Helicopter Greece ensures that in the unfortunate circumstances you are in need of an Air Ambulance service, we can provide safe transportation to any patient in cooperation with nationally recognized and accredited health care providers. Our mission is to transfer our patients from “bed to bed” offering the highest quality in patient care.

Special Operation

Our Specific Flights are fulfilling all the safety rules according to the European and Greek legislation.

We provide high-end aerial filming using both single and twin-engine helicopters cooperating with qualified filming and photo shooting Operators approved by the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority.

Fire fighting is a highly specialized operation that requires the right helicopter, the right equipment and well trained pilots.

Fire fighting is a highly specialized operation that requires the right helicopter, the right equipment and well trained pilots. 

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