Explore top Greek destinations in a safe and convenient way with Helicopter Greece !

Private Helicopter


with VVIP, VIP or Ambulance configuration.

Helicopter Greece

VIP Air Transport

We have a long-standed experience in the aviation services.

Our 35-year presence in the field of business aviation, performing thousands of private jet flights on behalf of private individuals as well as organizations, companies and public bodies with safety and reliability, has earned us recognition and provided us with valuable experience so that we can safely and professionally offer our services in the demanding area of helicopter rental.

Plan your trip with safety, privacy, fast and luxurious and enjoy a superb flight experience! 

Meet And Greet

Meet and Greet service is provided on arrival and departure upon request.
Our Greeter will welcome you to ensure a hassle-free and enjoyable journey!

Our personal VIP Greeters are experienced and reliable, always ready to meet all your needs. 

Travel easily & comfortably with Helicopter Greece

Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, Paros, Porto Heli, Aegina, Tinos  and many more beautiful greek destinations are a breath away and ready for you to experience them.

Our attentive and well-trained personnel and highly qualified flight crew is by your side to guarantee you get the most of your travelling experience.

Our Services

Helicopter Greece offers rental helicopters for the following puproses

helicopter greece


Travelling for business can be a time-consuming and stressful task.Why don’t do it in a convenient, flexible and safe way? Book your helicopter flight with Helicopter Greece and save precious time and energy!


Explore now the best Greece has to offer! Imagine sandy beaches, cobalt-blue waters and breathtaking views, and all that just a helicopter flight away! Reach now all your favourite destinations easily and safely with Helicopter Greece.


Request a flight with us and enjoy travelling in a safe, flexible and time-saving way.
Get to your destination quickly avoiding the inevitable hassle of any other option of transportation.

Air Ambulance

In the unlikely event you need an Air Ambulance service we cooperate with nationally recognized and accredited health care providers to safely transport our Patients from “bed to bed” offering the highest quality in patient care.


Achieve your fairytale wedding with a private charter helicopter flight to the location of your dreams! Want to make a statement at your wedding? Then arriving your wedding reception in a helicopter is without a doubt the way to do so!

Special Operations

1. Aerial Filming
2. Fire Fighting
3. Air Cargo

Top quality
aviation services

Helicopter Greece is here to facilitate your travelling experience whether you are searching for simple transfer, a tour in the Aegean Sea or a quick day trip to a near island. Request a quote now and enjoy your flight!


Visit Popular Destinations in Greece

helicopter greece Santorini

The crown jewel of the Aegean

helicopter greece Mykonos

Fun from dusk till dawn

helicopter greece And many more...

Explore Greece now!

Helicopter  flights are subject to weather. Adverse weather conditions such as strong winds, thunderstorms, low clouds and fog restrict helicopter operations despite seasons. The weather in Greece in general is sunny and smooth allowing helicopter flights all around the year!

Every age is welcome to board a helicopter and enjoy the flight.

The number of Passengers and their luggages as well are restricted by the helicopter type.

Helicopters are able to depart on time as there is no other traffic affecting the flight. No delays expected if passengers are at heliports on time.

Payments should be done in advance by bank deposit or credit card. Please check our website’s terms and conditions for more information.

Helicopter-Greece is operating all around Greece and specially from Athens, Mykonos, Santorini etc.
All our operations are under Civil Aviation and European Authority regulations giving all clients the security they need by also assuring the flexibility of helicopters with landing everywhere possible. We focus on safety – zero accidents- , security and efficiency, providing thus our clients a high quality, tailor made product at a cost effective price. A dedicated highly trained personnel and experienced flight crew , is making the difference.
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